When we are in contact with our feelings and needs, we humans no longer make good slaves and underlings.

– Marshall B. Rosenberg

NVC is a radical paradigm shift with revolutionary potential

Marshall D. Rosenberg’s NVC process is being applied worldwide with great success in conflict resolution and cooperation between individuals, in families, schools, companies, organisations, prisons and in warzones. The International Center for Nonviolent Communication emerged from Rosenberg’s work with activists in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. During that time he contributed to end segregation in public schools.

Core skills you can learn with NVC:

1. Empathy

How can I really listen and hear what a person feels and needs? How can I listen to the message that someone is trying to tell me, even if it they express it in a way that is difficult to receive (like judgements or complaints)?


2. Self empathy

How can I have more compassion towards myself? How can I handle challenging emotions? How can I find out what is really bothering me in conflict and what I need? How do I get more inner clarity?


3. Radical honesty

How can I stand up for myself? How can I be really honest and at the same time take care of my relationships?

  • Empathy Session

    Empathy Session

    1. For individuals
    2. 1-2 hrs
    3. Empathy for me is a tool to tap into our own inner wisdom. I will listen to you, give space, allow pauses, let you feel into your body so that you can connect with what is alive in you. I will not interrupt, judge or analyze and I will not give advice when you don’t ask for it.
    4. 150 Fr. / Std.

  • Workshops and courses

    Workshops and courses

    1. Next dates:
      No upcoming courses in english

    2. I also offer workshops with different topics, like working with volunteers, NVC with kids, team work, radical honesty, self empathy and more.

    3. Contact me to create your customized workshop.

    4. Guide price: 1000 Fr. / 4 hrs

  • 1:1 Training

    1:1 Training

    1. We will look at examples from your life. You will receive empathy and learn how you can apply and live NVC practically.
    2. 2 - 3 hrs
    3. 170 Fr. / Std

  • Online


    1. I offer empathy sessions and courses live and online (Skype or Zoom).

About me

I always wanted to contribute to a more just and peaceful planet. That’s why I got involved in activism when I was 16. In the following years I dedicated my life to activism, worked for parties and in political organisations - until I burned out.

That’s when I first heard about Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC is a process that offers tools to get to know yourself better, communicate authentically and listen to others empathically. Tools that can help you in various situations.

For me, freedom consists of being able to be myself. To be honest, vulnerable and free from the pressure to function all the time. And I so appreciate spaces where we can meet and welcome each other in this authenticity. I want to share my enthusiasm with as many people as possible and contribute to real change - change that is based on values which put people and life first.